The Cowsills In Magazines

Arts and Entertainment
June 6, 1969
Time Magazine

The brassy sound of the studio band cuts off, the lights go down, a spotlight flicks on, picks up the broad back of a big man wearing a black frock coat, striped pants, patent-leather boots and a six-string guitar. The figure swivels around and drawls, "Hello—I'm Johnny Cash." At that, the 3,006 people who have been smothering their enthusiasm back in the cavernous depths of the Grand Old Opry House break loose like a thunderstorm on a hot July day. For like the man said—it's Johnny Cash.

No Flashy Stuff. After 15 years in show business, Johnny Cash is finally being discovered by network television. Starting this Saturday, he will host his own one hour series on ABC-TV, The Johnny Cash Show. An easy going show taped before a live audience at the Opry House in Nashville, Tenn. It has a guest list that is casually shot through with such names as Bob Dylan, Glen Campbell, Mason Williams, Roy Orbison, the Cowsills, the Monkees, Buffy Sainte Marie. . . .

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