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A Lot Of Exposure To Face Cowsills In Next Few Days
by Jim McAllister
November 21, 1968
Daily News
Greensboro, North Carolina


The Cowsills - Performers All With Buddy Ebsen (left), Holding Susan

The Cowsills will be getting a lot of exposure around here in the next few days.

Friday morning Bud and Barbara Cowsill will pack up six of their seven kids out in California and fly east for Raleigh, N.C. where they have a concert with Eddy Arnold that night.

There will be another show in another city Saturday night and another one somewhere else on Sunday afternoon. All of the kids will be doing their homework on airplanes.

MONDAY MORNING they will be back home in time for classes at Hollywood Professional School.

Barbara, the mama of the brood, called the other day to talk about the tour and also about their TV special, “A Family Thing,” which will be seen on NBC this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. The show was taped in September.

“Buddy Ebsen is the host, but the rest will be strictly the Cowsills,” said Barbara. “We sing and dance and do all sorts of things. Susan (a daughter) does an old soft-shoe dance with Buddy that the people should like."

THIS SHOW is a pilot for a series on NBC. Negotiations are going on now. It may even go on the air as a replacement show in January.

“If the musicians strike is settled this week, we’ll be taping two Hollywood Palaces."

“We’re also doing a special for Timex called “The Wonderful World of Pizazz.” The two oldest boys are writing the title song for that show.”

The Cowsills children range in age from 20 to 12. One of their twin 19-year-old boys, Dick, is serving in Vietnam now. Nine-year-old Susan is the youngest child.

Two of the children are in college and the others are in high school and elementary school.

“WE’RE ALWAYS on the move,” said Barbara. “We did state fairs all this past summer and we’ve been touring with Eddy Arnold on the weekends since October.

“We’ll be going out on weekends with Eddy for about another month. And it really isn’t as much trouble as you might think. We’re having a wonderful time. Though it’s a bit hurried, the kids are getting to see the country.

“And we all just love Eddy. He’s one of the greatest guys in the world.”

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