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A Typical Family With Three Albums
by Bob Foster
December 28, 1968
San Mateo Times
San Mateo, California

Barbara Cowsill is quite a gal. She is the mistress of ceremonies and the mother of one of the hottest musical acts on the contemporary scene.

Last week the lady called from Los Angeles to tell me about her next personal appearance with her talented family. The Cowsills, five boys and a cute little girl will be coming to the Circle Star theatre starting Friday night, January 3, at 8:30 p.m.

Currently riding high with tree albums and a couple of televisions shows behind them, the family which manages to keep their collective heards, are a typical family.

"All of them have their own interests and desires for life," Mrs. Cowsill told me. "Two of the boys have their heart set on a teaching career and one of the boys would like to go into electronics. Our daughter hasn't made up her mind yet, but she too will be encouraged to think for herself."

"They all are having a ball right now, but it is just a lot of fun and a way to acquire funds for college."

I ask Barbara if the group had signed for a network TV show as yet. "That is still in the talking stages," she informed me, "but NBC is interested in something for next fall, if we can get together."

The Cowsills are rather unusual for a current singing group, they sing everything. "We have something for everybody," Mrs. Cowsill stated, "and as a result our audiences are a mixture of adults, teen-agers, and young children.

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