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Ball State University - Cowsills Perform September 27
September 12, 1969
Daily News
Muncie, Indiana

The Cowsills, family in demand as recording artists and concert performers, will perform at Emens Auditorium on Saturday, September 27.

Their concert is at 8 p.m. and follows the Ball State – Butler football game.

The Cowsill’s new release on the MGM Records’ label is out now – this week. On one side is the theme for “Love, American Style,” the new ABC-TV series which debuts on the network September 22.

“Love, American Style” theme marks the first time a top 40 record artist has been signed to sing the title song for a television series.

June, 1967, marked the public explosion of the Cowsills late the national musical conscience with their first MGM album, “The Cowsills.” This platter contained the group’s first million-seller, “The Rain, The Park and Other Things.”

MGM put on a heavy campaign to convince the public that with a name like the Cowsills this gay family of mom, aunt, dad, brothers Bob, Paul, John and Barry, and sister Susan could be really good. And as a pop group they were an immediate success despite the last name.

All of the Cowsills, with the exception of Susan, will be at Emens Auditorium to perform.

The Cowsills have recorded six albums since their initial one.

Tickets for the Cowsills pop concert will go on sale Monday at the Emens Auditorium box office. The box office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.

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