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Cowsills commended
October 2, 1969
Daily News
Ball State University
Muncie, Indiana


We would like to comment about the degrading opinionated review concerning the Cowsills’s performance Saturday evening.

In our estimation the performance was much better than had been expected by most of the audience. We feel that they were an exceptionally harmonious group each with his own diversified talent.

Susan Cowsill, although straining for a few notes, was singing from hr heart and possessed excessive vivaciousness and spirit. We were astonished at her coordination and agility in dancing at only ten years of age.

It is a shame that people at the college level can’t accept humor at face value without decoding it as “off color”. After such an enthusiastic standing ovation, how could you justifiably characterize the performance as derogatively as you did?

We feel that this article did not accurately account for the feelings of the majority attending the concert.

Linda Wood
Dave Ramsey
Margo Frey
Kathy Migas

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