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Students react to Review
October 6, 1969
Daily News
Ball State University
Muncie, Indiana


After attending the Cowsill’s concert on Sept. 27, 1969, seeing the reactions of the audience and securing opinions from many who attended it, we have decided that it is our duty to tell the truth about the performance to those who may have missed it. We feel that we are expressing the feelings of the majority who attended the show.

An article in the Sept 29 issue of the DAILY NWES was an absurd misrepresentation of the facts. We feel that such an article should have been expressed as editorial instead of an article since it expressed the opinions of only one individual.

A careful analysis of the article reveals an extremely one sided description of the concert. Personal opinion was, substituted for public opinion which could falsely impress those who missed the show as to its success.

The article was also filled with a series of contradictions. How can a group pander “bubble gum” music and still draw a capacity crowd? How can singing off key result in a standing ovation? How can a group slated to perform on so many nationwide programs flaunt “oldies but loudies” when many of these songs have reached the top ten in the nation? No one complained of ear aches after the performance either. There are other examples but they are too numerous to mention here.

It is not often that a group as great as the Cowsills can be seen. They are a group whose generosity and friendly manner can warm the hearts of an entire audience. We are not saying that the Cowsills are perfect because every group has their faults, but we feel that credit should be given where credit is due.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but we feel that the paper should print articles that reflect the feelings of the public and leaver personal opinions to the editorials. The reading public is entitled to know how the majority of the people feel on issues on every type.

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