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February 7, 1968
Beatrice Daily Sun
Beatrice, Nebraska

Is it just the kids I know, or does every juvenile in America today aim at becoming “rich and famous” in a rock music group?

The two at our house have occasional “sane” moments during which they plan careers as a psychologist, or nurse or a teacher, but basically their plan is to get discovered just as quickly (and spectacularly) as possible, so that they may go to Hollywood (and or New York) to pursue their rightful path in life.

The phenomenal success of groups such as The Monkees, and The Cowsills, (a family group, friends) and others seems to prove one thing. It’s possible. And it’s made more possible by reams of publicity, and-or dough.

According to press releases, the father of the Cowsill borrowed $100,000 in order to launch his troup.

At any rate, in spare moments the daughters mull over possible names for their “group.” And the wilder the better, as far as name and costumes. Yesterday one of them suggested: “How about THE RINSO TEAM, and we’ll wear dark glasses all the time.

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