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Current Fair Caller 'Better' And 'The Best'
September 28, 1968
The Commercial Appeal
Memphis, Tennessee

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Scarcely 1,000 persons, though, made it to the 4:30 performance at the Coliseum yesterday to see the Cowsill family, a tightly-knit, enchanting family which has had hit record after hit record on the pop charts. The crowd for the evening show was 2,500.

As the family distributed itself over the various instruments – and changed up when it was somebody else’s turn at the mike, it belted out “Indian Lake,” “We Can Fly,” and momma Cowsill sang a gentle change of pace in “Oh, Johnny.”

Nine-year-old Susan, however, made up much of the show, swinging and snapping her fingers to all the numbers and getting a fine response to her children’s song, “Would you Like Some of My Tangerine,” and then filling in on the bass fiddle, her hand clutching the instrument almost as large as her.

It was refreshing to see a rock-pop group which had Mom on the stage and a fresh-scrubbed look.

The Cowsills have no backup but family and a closeness that shows in the harmony of song and the grinning appreciation of one another.

Although many of the slender audience weren’t too sure of the Cowsills’ fame, the response went sometimes like this: “They were a great show. Too bad they haven’t been around long enough to draw more people. They just hit with Indian or something or another, but I hope they come back.

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