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Record Time
October 8, 1967
Boston Globe
Boston, Massachusetts

The inside fold of the Cowsills’ first album jacket shows Mrs. Cowsill passing platters of roast beef and ‘taters to seven of her brood in their Newport home. Mom sings with about five or six of the boys on this M.G. M., album, “The Cowsills.” In the same photo Dad is upstaged in a corner as he carves the roast.

The Cowsills have already fashioned a hit of their first single, “The Rain, the Park and Other Things,” included in this LP. The M.G.M. lion isn’t exactly mee-owing in its effort to pass the good word about their latest discoveries, the Cowsills.

Their sound is less electric, more vocal. They even manage some French in “La Rue du Soleil.” The remainder of the songs, reading from do to re, include “Troubled Roses,” “I’m the One You Need,” “Pennies,” “River Blue,” “Dreams of Linda” and “Getting’ Into That Sunny, Sunny Feelin’ Again” and others.

The material sung here is adequate but the Cowsills are better than that. Where the Cowsills begin to cook is on harmony, as in “River Blue.” Whoever handles the vocal lead can be credited for a unique sound reminiscent of Johnny (“The Little White Cloud That Cried”) Ray, Like Ray, he seems to sing with a built-in echo chamber.

Given more distinctive songs, the Cowsills could create a significant impact. Then, they could amass enough money and maybe buy “The Breakers.”

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