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Brad Davis Show Featrues the Cowsills
September 13, 1969
Springfield Union
Springfield, Massachusetts

The Brad Davis show, of WTIC television attracted approximately 4000 persons Friday with the featured group, the Cowsills.

Pack Coliseum

The coliseum was jam-packed with teenagers, adults and oldsters as the crowd thronged into view the show.

The Cowsills are a family group of six brothers, a sister, and their parents. Dressed in purple and pink outfits, they played and sang pop music that brought forth thunderous applause from their audience.

Natives of Newport, R.I., the group appealed to old and young generations. Spectators were seen wearing quilt-patched bellbottoms, African dasikis, Mexican ponchos and Robbin Hood hats. Some boys had shoulder length hair tied with Indian bands and wore peace symbol signs around their necks.

Carry Babies

Some walked into the coliseum with relish-covered hot dogs while other carried babies on their backs or in their arms.

“Sit Down”

Guards tried to keep order by calling out to the should-to-shoulder standing crowd, “Sit down.”

Grandmothers and grandchildren were seen tapping their feet to the blaring expressive songs of the group.

A $50,000 sound system by Ovation Institute Co, of Hartford, Conn. Was especially installed for the show. Brad Davis said he thought the set-up was “fantastic.”

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