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Calgarian holds out hope brother is OK
by Dave Breakenridge, Calgary Sun
September 24, 2005
The Calgary Sun
Calgary, Canada

Video footage of a man outside the New Orleans convention centre is the ray of hope for a Calgary musician still awaiting word on whether his brother survived hurricane Katrina.

Nearly three weeks after Katrina devastated the Big Easy, and as Rita is expected to bring with her another deluge of water, Billy Cowsill -- former member of renowned 1960s band The Cowsills -- said he is anxiously awaiting word about his brother Barry, who is believed to be missing.

"There have been no Barry sightings and no phone calls, which is unlike him because he's a caller, he'll often call to see how the rest of the family is doing," said Cowsill.

Cowsill, 57, said the day Katrina struck New Orleans, Barry was booked to be on a plane for L.A., but was unable to leave due to the storm.

Family members feared Barry had been washed away. The Cowsill clan was given hope in the form of a phone message left by Barry, but that hope has started to dim because they haven't heard from him since.

But they aren't ready to give up just yet, Cowsill said, because of video footage taken outside the convention centre in the aftermath, of a man fitting Barry's description.

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