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Cowsills and Carnival Group Will Perform At Thursday Concert
October 28, 1969
Daily Herald
Provo, Utah


THE COWSILLS, a family set of national note, will highlight a Homecoming Concert Thursday.


PERFORMERS FOR "The Carnival," scheduled to appear on the same concert with the Cowsills.

There'll be no "musical generation gap" between young and old who attended Brigham Young University's Homecoming concert Thursday, Oct. 30.

The Cowsills, a family act, have achieved national prominence with a blend of "rock" and "melodic" sounds that appeal to music lovers of all ages.

Tickets for the concert which will be held at 8:15 p.m. in the George Albert Smith Fieldhouse, are on sale in the Wilkinson Center. A Sergio Mendez-type group, called "The Carnival" will also perform at the concert.

National Scene

June 1967 marks the entry of the Cowsills onto the national music scene with a gold record entitled "The Rain, the Park and Other Things." The sound itself appealed to youthful listeners, while the "family" angle won many older fans for the new group.

A second hit record, ""We Can Fly," firmly established the Cowsills as more than a novelty act. MGM launched an extensive advertising campaign, and soon the Cowsills were one of the most-sought-after groups in America.

Family Affair

The managers of the group also happen to be "Mom and Dad" to the younger Cowsill performers. Bud and Barbara Cowsill encouraged their children to learn to play instruments at a very early age. Bob and Dick, 20-year-old twin brothers, Paul, 16, Barry, 15, John, 12, and ten-year-old Susan all perform in the group.

For the first part of the Cowsill family career, "Mom" directed the group from back-stage. But it wasn't long before little Susan had talked her into singing with the group, and now she is a regular member of the "family."

In Top Ten

The Cowsills have consistently had records in the proverbial "Top Ten" and had a second gold million seller with "Hair." Other hits include: "Indian Lake," "Poor Baby," and "The Prophesy of Daniel and John the Devine."

They recently appeared at the Utah State Fair where they drew capacity crowds. They have also appeared in two television specials and on numerous national television shows like Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Jonathon Winters and Johnny Cash.

Local viewers have probably seen them perform their "Milk Song" in a television advertisement for the National Dairy Association.

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