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Cowsill Clan to appear Monday at 8 in Coliseum
June 13, 1969
The University Daily
Texas Technological University
Lubbock, Texas


COWSILLS COMING - The Cowsills will appear Monday, 8 p.m. at Lubbock Coliseum. Their visit is cosponsored by KSEL and by State Savings and Loan. Tickets are on sale at Sears (downtown) for $2, $3, and $4.

Barbara Cowsill, head of the Cowsill clan coming to Lubbock Monday is still in a daze,

“After all,” she says, “I was a mother and housewife for 20 years.” Now she’s a performer, as part of the Cowsills, the singing family from Newport, R.I. The family was little-known outside their home-town 18 months ago, but since then they have received international acclaim.

Now they’re up in the show business world, with a succession of hit singles, including “The Rain, The Park and Everything,” and their latest “Hair,” and a trio of albums of M.G.M.

The on-stage Cowsills include Bill, 20; Bob, 18; Paul, 16; Barry, 13; Johnny, 11; Susie, 9; and their mother, who isn’t telling her age.

The moving force is husband-father Bud Cowsill, a retired Navy man who organized the group. “The kids used to play and sing around town,” says Mrs. Cowsill. “Everyone remarked about their talent.

“They were itching to perform. Our philosophy was that we had nothing to leave them, but maybe we could help them attain something while we were still living.”

The plan almost ended in financial disaster. After five years of trying, with the family $100,000 in debt, the family journeyed to New York, where they found a manager … and, eventually, a pile of bookings.

Their visit to Lubbock is co-sponsored by KSEL and State Savings and Loan. Tickets at $2, $3 $4 are on sale at Sears (downtown) for the 8 p.m. show Monday in Lubbock Coliseum.

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