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Cowsills 'All-American' - Liked City and Sandias
by Peggy Daily of Highland High School
June 16, 1969
West Albuquerque Journal
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Albuquerque is great," said Paul Cowsill.

"When we came over those mountains, the Sandias," explained John Cowsill, "you could just see a bit of the city, but when we passed them the whole big city came into view. It was great."

The Cowsills arrived in Albuquerque on Thursday for a Civic Auditorium concert that evening.

HEAD OF THE family is Bud Cowsill, "Papa Cowsill" and along side of him is mini-mommy, Barbara Cowsill. Mrs. Cowsills has five sons, Bill who is married, Bob 19; Paul 17; Barry 14; John 13; and a daughter Susan 10.

Trying to pin the Cowsills to a single conversation topic is nigh to impossible. Being as All-American as their image is, conversations take off on varied tangents.

"I think long hair on boys is out of sight," comments Paul.

"But they have to keep it clean," John argues.

"No," says Paul angerly, "if they don't want to keep it clean it's their own thing."

BARRY COWSILL'S goal in life is to be able to do whatever he wants, while Paul's is to be a success. "Yeah, I want to be successful and rich."

"My goal?" questions John. "Well I guess to reach that goal, but really I want to be a success too."

Is their name for real or is it a stage name?

"People are always asking us 'What's a Cowsill?,' it's us! We used our name because we couldn't think of anything else. You've got to admit it is original," explains Paul.

Being in the entertainment business and school age at the same time, does present somewhat of a problem. But the Cowsills take it all in stride, like Paul said:

"We go to Hollywood Professional School. It's for people like us," Paul said. "Whenever we have to leave we take off, then come back and make up the work."

"BUT WE only go on tours during the summer," exclaims Susan.

Hobbies and fun time activities are something the Cowsills probably don't have too much time for, but when freedom from school or a recording session is there, each has his own interest.

John says he doesn't have any real hobbies and Susan like horse-back riding, "but I don't get to do it much."

"Mine is definitely girls," laughs Paul, "but I like sports ___, like football."

"I'm just starting girls," says Barry seriously, "but I like to swim too."

The Cowsills aren't thinking too much on making movies or a television series. "If we ever did one it would," explains John, "have to be a comedy."

BOBBY'S part in the Cowsills' is lead guitar and lead singer, John plays drums, while Barry plays Bass guitar. Paul is on organ and Momma Cowsill and Susan sing.

The Cowsills practice three hours a day when they're not on tour.

"We record for United in L.A.", said Paul.

All in all The Cowsills are a normal family with great ability to sing. "Before we started singing we were a family. We did everything a family does." John concluded.

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