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Cowsills Click
October 25, 1968
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cleveland, Ohio


THE COWSILLS CLAN from left, Barry, Bob, Paul, Bill, Barbara and Sue, with pop "Bud" Cowsill in costume.

How would you like to have YOUR mom there on the stage, singing in front of all your friends.

Depends, huh?

Well, one famed group of five brothers and a sister find it “groovy.”

Of course their mother happens to be a mom in a million, mini-mom Barbara Cowsill.

AND THE American Dairy Association is supposed to be paying them #1 million over a four year period for commercials.

But even Mrs. Cowsill wasn’t so sure of the situation at first.

“I thought I’d be a turn-off for the kids, but it worked out. And somehow it’s kept on O.K.,” she said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

Mom manager Dad (William “Bud” Cowsill) and the six kids – Bill, 20; Bob, 19; Paul, 16; Barry, 14; John, 12 and Susan, 9 – will sing and swing their own thing Nov 2 at Public Music Hall in WCJW-Belkin Brothers show co-starring Eddy Arnold.

WHAT CLICKS with brother Dick Cowsill, 19? He’s marching to a different tune, in Vietnam. Bill, the eldest, married a boyhood sweetheart, Karen Locke, last June.

What else has happened since the Cowsills charmed Clevelanders on their MGM “The Rain, the Park and Other Things” promotion tour last year.”

“We’ve moved from New York to California – Santa Monica – into a big 10-room house. I mean there were nine of us in three rooms in New York and I’ve got the nerves to prove it,” Mrs. Cowsill added.

Big things are brewing for them too. They’ll have their own NBC (WKYC-TV) special on Nov. 23, a pilot for a possible series. They have a Christmas single, “The Candy Kid,” coming out for the Santa season.

THEIR LATEST MGM LP, “Captain Sand and His Ship of Fools,” has been on the charts for eight weeks. Their latest single, “Poor Baby,” is 60 on the charts. John has a single “Path of Love,” just out.

But how can a Cowsill keep clipping around the county and still keep on the good side of those truant officers?

“We just travel weekends. They’re enrolled in Hollywood Professional School, which is both a school and a college,” said their mom.

The Cowsill come to Euclid Junior High on Dec. 14 and 15.

Months have gone by but still the Cowsills are asked if that is their real name.

“How could anyone think up a name like ‘Cowsills’?” their mom asks.

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