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Cowsills Clothes
July 19, 1968
Gastonia Gazette
Gastonia, North Carolina

Everyone is diversifying. Actors are turning politicians and politicians are turning out to be recording artists, which means that since recording artists are getting kicked out of their field, they have to find some other place to go. Where?

Some are choosing fashions. The latest group to pick up fashion as a side line is the Cowsills. The Cowsills (Bill, 20; Bob, 18; Paul, 16; Barry, 14; and John, 12) will design for teens, boys probably. Mother Cowsill, Barbara, will design for housewives, and daughter will sketch for young ladies. You fashion designer, 23-year-old Angela King, will serve as designer-consultant for the entire line.

Our guess is there’s some big money behind a big mess of an idea. Go Cowsills!

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