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Cowsills Due At Colonie Theater
August 8, 1968
The Troy Record
Troy, New York

The Cowsills, rock music's answer to the Trapp Family Singers, will make a one night appearance at Eddie Rich's Colonie Summer Theater, Monday at 8:40 pm.

Comprised of five brothers, their sister and their mother, the Cowsills are really a family group. Even Father Bud Cowsill gets into the act as general manager and "sound man."

Bud Cowsill was a 17-year-old sailor when he married 14-year-old Barbara Russell. It was a habit of his to return from sea with different musical instruments.

That was still all the spur necessary for the formation of a group around the house. Dad Cowsill got the group a contract with Mercury Records and they have since made several hit records.

The Cowsills are best known for "The Rain, The Park and Other Things," "We Can Fly" and "Indian lake." The group has toured Europe and is considering movies and television

Two of the boys Bill and Bob, write much of the group's music.

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