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Cowsills Head Own Special Nov.23
by Fred H. Russell
October 30, 1968
The Bridgeport Post
Bridgeport, Connecticut

The musical Cowsills - Barbara Cowsill and six of the singing youngsters - star in "A Family Thing," half hour musical special on Channel 4 Saturday night, Nov. 23, at 8:30 o'clock. The special will preempt "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" on that date.

Buddy Ebsen guest - stars on the show, introducing the family in a home setting, chatting with father-founder Bud Cowsill and joining the youngest of the clan, 9-year-old Susan Cowsill, in a song-and-dance rendition of "The Old Soft Shoe."

Also starring are the rest of the musical Cowsills: Bill, 20; Bob, 19; Paul, 17; Barry, 14; and Johnny, 12. (All ages are the Nove. 23 airdate). The only member of the family not seen on the show is Bob's twin brother, Dick, who is in the Army.

Musical highlights include "What the World Needs Now," "Consider Yorself," "A Doodlin' Song," and one fo the family's best-selling records "We Can Fly."

The Cowsills sing and play "Indian Lake" while Barbara, who admits she was "drafted," weighs the pros and cons of being a performing mother instead of staying home with the ironing.

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