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Credit Cowsills Clean Rockers
September 7, 1968
Lincoln Evening Journal & Nebraska State Journal
Lincoln, Nebraska

It’s rare when a family (kids and parents) get in the act to produce a commercial musical sound, but credit must go to the Cowsills on their album release “Captain Sad and his Ship of Fools” (MGM).

The album contains their hit “Indian Lake” done in their usual fresh, musical, rock style.

“The Path of Love,” a lively Cowsill entry, has the sound of a single disc hit possibility.

Everybody talks about some of the bawdy lyrics in contemporary rock, but certainly the Cowsills can claim the title of purveyors of clean rock … but sound for sound’s sake.

To add to the variety of sounds of the album, the Cowsills have added a soft, sweet ballad “Who Can Teach A Songbird How to Sing?” and folk-country oriented harmony on “The Bridge”

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