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Family Entertainment
June 22, 1968
Citizen Register
Ossening, New York

Little Susie Cowsill and her mother, Barbara, surrounded by four of the men in their family.

Since there are a lot of fans of The Cowsills here, could you please tell us if it's true that they will appear on Ed Sullivan's show before 1968 ends. - D. B., Yonkers

Several of the kids in my neighborhood, are fans of the Cowsill family (our parents like them, too) and are wondering if there is a fan club for them and where we could write to join it. Do you know anything about that? - B. F., White Plains

No definite dates have been set for the Cowsills on the Sullivan show for the balance of this year, but they will appear on Operation: Entertainment on ABC on October 4. Between now and then they are signed up for many public appearances, including the N.Y. State Fair in Syracuse in August. Because of their great appeal this family 'business' which started just for the fun of singing some years ago in Newport, R.I., is 'big' business now. Mrs. Cowsill and her brood have even traveled to Europe for promotion and press receptions, as well as a performance at the Festival in San Remo, Italy. Information about the fan club can be obtained by writing to Cowsill Fan Club, Box 788, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019

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