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Happy Together: The Cowsills, The Turtles, other '60s acts
August 4, 2019
Dayton Daily News
Dayton, Ohio

The Cowsills, (left to right) siblings Bob, Paul and Susan, are among the acts on the Turtles' '60s-themed Happy Together Tour at Fraze Pavillon in Kettering on Thursday, Aug. 8

"Joy to the World," "Spooky," "Young Girl" and "Kind of a Drag" are just a few of the indelible '60s classics presented by original artists when the Happy Together Tour returns to Fraze Pavilion in Kettering on Thursday, Aug. 8. This summer's lineup for the Turtles' annual summer includes Chuck Negron, Gary Puckett & the Union Gap, the Buckinghams, the Classic IV and the Cowsills, adding their "The Rain, the Park and Other Things," "Hair" and other hits into the musical mix.

Paul Cowsill recently discussed the tour and his family band with siblings Bob and Susan.

'60srevisited: "This whole darn tour is fun. Imagine all of us out here. Obviously, I'm speaking only about myself, because I can't speak for everybody, but at 68 years old to be on a summer tour that's 53 shows strong, I just keep pinching myself every night just to make sure this is real and it isn't a dream that we're going to wake up from. The crowds have been great. It's just perfect. We love it to death."

Musical memories: "Our audience goes from 60 to almost 80 now so they're our age and this music was the soundtrack of all our lives. I get it, we didn't have MTV and VH1. There was no instant gratification. You had to get a record and then you had to go and see your favorite band. That's still happening."

Live playlist: "It was really a wonderful time for music and with the Happy Together Tour, people are hearing 27 hit songs in one night. The show is incredible and I get to watch it from the side of the stage so I, along with the audience, am going back to junior high and high school. It's impossible not to when you hear all these great songs and they transport you back."

Singalong show: "It trips us out because people are there and they're singing. The first time I heard the crowd singing along, I didn't know where all these voices were coming from and it was the audience. They know all the words, they're singing it from the beginning until the end and they're loving it."

Local gem: "All of us acts are grateful and privileged to be out here playing in all of these great places like Fraze Pavilion in Kettering. It has to be one of my two or three places out of 53 during the summer time. It is always a wonderful, wonderful day when we go there."

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