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Cowsill Family to Give Free Shows at State Fair
July 10, 1968
Morning News
Dallas, Texas

The Cowsills, one of the top popular music families in the country, will be on hand in October to help open the 1968 State Fair’s “Salute to America.”

The family – mother Barbara and six youngsters, Bill, 20; Bob, 18; Paul, 16; Barry, 13; John, 12; and Susie, 9 – will appear at the fair from the October 5 opening day through Oct 9, with two free performances daily at 5:30 and 8 p.m. on the Mobil Outdoor State.

Also a part of the Cowsill entourage are father Bud, general manager, and Dick, Bob’s twin, who serves as road manager.

The Cowsill family became an entertainment group when ex-Navy man Bud formed the troupe to fight off the mortgage of their 22-room house in Newport. Since then, the Cowsills have become performing and recording favorites, ranked by the critics high in versatility from “hard rock” and “hot soul” through country and Western to folk music. Among the family’s hit are “The Rain, the Park and Other Things,” “We Can Fly” and the current “Indian Lake.”

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