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Is Rock About To Roll Away?
Patience, Parents! Relief from teen transistor trauma seems on th way in a trend back to the soft and sweet
February 11, 1968
Daily News
New York, New York

The Cowsill singers are among those leading a trend back to less ear-punishing pop music. Their sound is neither square nor psychedelic and has been described as “neighborly,” more on the sweet ‘n’ soft side than rock ‘n’ roll. Surrounding their mother, Barbara, and sister Suzy, are the Cowsill boys, from left Barry, Bill, John and Bob.

Behind The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra and every other pop star is an industry that reckons its annual take in billions of dollars.

For that reason, the question “where does popular music go from here?” produced many a furrowed brow at a remarkable congress of 2,500 artists, composers and publishers at this French Riviera resort.

Before they returned to their 42 countries, the participants generally agreed that beat music will continue to dominate pop but it will become more melodious and the lyrics more intelligent.

If this prediction proves true, it will mean that the gap between parents and children – at least in pop music – will all but disappear and teenagers will have to find some other way of forcing mom and dad to rush off to the movies for peace and quiet.

And that’s not all that’s new.

From Rome comes the word that Europe’s swinging singers at the San Remo pop tune festival turned down the American-led wave of protest songs and returned to that old standby theme of love-love-love.

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