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The Cowsills 'do their thing' in concert
by Mary Reynolds
December 22, 1969
Daily Sentinel
Lemars, Iowa


Last week Monday, December 15th, the internationally known MGM recording stars, “The Cowsills,” performed at Westmar gymnasium. The guy was filled to capacity crowd for the concert which lasted from approximately 8:00 to 10:00.

The group arrived in Le Mars at about 4:00, on Monday and at 4:30 John Cowsill arrived at Bowers to sign autographs and meet some of his friends and fans. The dinner was held in the Westmar cafeteria at 5:30, where the faculty was introduced to the Cowsills. After the concert a reception was held, but the Cowsills weren’t able to stay very long because they had to get to Omaha to catch a plane home to Los Angeles.

The Cowsills played in Lincoln, Nebraska the night before. They closed their four month touring season for this year, with the concert they performed here. They headed home for Los Angeles for a seven day rest. These famous artists will be seen on the Kraft Music Hall Christmas Eve show. In the upcoming month, Susan, the youngest member of the family, will be staring with Gene Kelly on his special. Then at the end of January they will leave for South Africa for a short tour.

One of the biggest attractions at the concert included Barry Cowsill’s impersonation of Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. He performed to the song, “Honky Tonk Woman,” which was worked up especially for their Le Mars performance. The crowd readily showed their approval with rapturous applause.

The group is composed of six members, Bob Cowsill, age 20, who plays lead guitar is the spokesman for the group. Bass guitar was played by Barry, age 15. Paul who is 18 years old played the organ, and the drums are played by John, age 13. The only two female members of the group are Susie, age 10, and Mrs. Cowsill (Barbara) who is supposedly age 29!!! They also have two other sons who are not in the group.

Some of their famous songs which they performed were: “We Can Fly”, which was written by Bob,; “The Rain, The Park and Other Things”, “Hair”, “Indian lake”, “Green River”, “Proud Mary”, “Yesterday”, “The Cruel War”, and their new single “Silver Threads and Golden Needles”.

When they were asked what they thought of Le Mars, they stated they couldn’t get over the fact that it was so cold out here. According to Bob Cowsill they felt quite a t ease playing at Westmar because of the crowd, and he also added that maybe it was the fact that they were finally going to get to go home.

The Cowsills will be making a new album which should be out in the next couple of months.

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