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Fine Style - Cowsills Shine Over Acoustics
November 3, 1969
Daily Universe
Provo, Utah

A Young Cowsill . . .performed Thursday night at BYU as part of Homecoming. The Cowsills sang their hit songs which have made the family group, including mother and five children, famous. Some 8,700 attended.

(Note: This article has Bob and Richard mixed up.)

Acoustics in the Fieldhouse dampened the debut of the Cowsills Homecoming concert Thursday, and there was no standing ovation. However, the family singing group sang their old hits in find style, responding to the audience by playing three encore numbers at the end of the concert.

The family group consists of 20-year-old Dick, 16-year-old Paul, 15-year-old Barry, 13-year-old John and 10-year-old Susan, as well as their mother, Barbara.

Solos featured Barbara doing two songs from their next album and Barry on drums. Susan sang a solo number and provided the go-go dancing for the group.

One of the songs was dedicated to Dick’s twin, Bob, now serving in Vietnam.

The Cowsill’s banter was of the situation-comedy-type. The music was crisp and well-blended.

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