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Pop Scene
October 24, 1969
Edmonton Journal
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Next Friday, the singing Cowsills Family will perform in the main gym of the U of A physical education building from 8 p.m.

The Cowsills are haunted by ghosts and good luck. The good luck came with the release of their first million-selling record, The Rain, the Park and Other Things. When the record came out, they were down to their last few dollars after father Bud Cowsill had borrowed $100,000 to get them started.

The ghost haunted their 27-room neo-Gothic mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. Doors slam, pipes band, locked shutters fly open, pans rattle and Ouija boards tell them they’re haunted.

The family moved to California after their first hit, but strange things are still happening. They think the ghost of seafaring Captain McCormack went with them.

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