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Lean days are over for The Cowsills
October 31, 1969
Edmonton Journal
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Cowsill Family’s father, Bud Cowsill was down to his last dime when their recording of The Rain, The Park and Other Thigs, became a hit.

Those lean days are a long time gone now, and the Cowsills have since released their fourth LP, The Cowsills In Concert (MGM SE4619).

As in most concert albums, this one is a collection of some of their best songs, several of their hit singles, as well as a few pop hits made famous by the Beatles, The Mamas and the Papas, and the Beach Boys.

The whole is a polished, professionally-done performance by the entire Cowsills family, and includes solos by individual members. Their harmony and blending is near-perfect; they are an exciting, entertaining bunch, and they are lucky they can stand all that togetherness.

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