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Facts About Those Old-Time Movies
July 5, 1968
Kokomo Tribune
Kokomo, Indiana

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Do you like "The Cowsills"? If you don't know who they are, ask your teenager. I do like them; I like the kind of singing they do better than most any of the GROUPS.

They began about 12 years ago. At least that is when Mr. Cowsill taught Mrs. Cowsill to play one song on a guitar. Son Bob learned the song and thought it to his brother, Bill. And later John and Barry joined the group. Nine-year-old Susan sings sometimes with the others.

At first they did a lot of talent shows in their own neighborhood; they entertained at parties. All for free, and the bookings grew so numerous that they began travelling to colleges where a fee was paid. Mr. Cowsill is the manager of the group and finally he thought his family was ready to hit New York. Last year they appeared on the "Ed Sullivan Show." And since that time their success story is a beautiful thing to follow. Their first great record was "The Rain, the Park and Other Things". If you definitely don't like the "sounds" that come from Channel 89, or your darlings' favorite station, make a pointof hearing this group. You may have an affirmative opinion of the music.

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