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Today Fetes The Cowsills
by Richard Shull
February 24, 1968
The Press
Binghamton, New York

It's fantastic how fast a ball rolls once it starts moving. The Cowsills, the young singing family who were struggling unknowns 18 months ago, living in an outsize, unhealed house in Newport, R. I., and trying not to sell the furniture, will have the unusual honor of having an entire one-hour segment of the Today Show devoted to them.

On Monday, Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters will interview all the Cowsillsónot only the four brothers, Mamma and Susie who form the performing endóbut father Bud Cowsill and the other two brothers, all three of whom form the managing end of the act.

The Cowsills made their network TV debut on the Today Show two years ago.

They are now one of MGM Records' top acts, and their first single, "The Rain, The Park and Other Things" was No. 1 in the country last November.

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