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Fleming, Cowsill Specials Applauded
November 25, 1968
Tucson Daily Citizen
Tucson, Arizona

HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - NBC-TV presented during the weekend two special shows aimed at creating new television stars: Olympic figure skating champion Peggy Fleming and the singing Cowsill Family.

. . .

The Cowsills, meanwhile, arrived in prime time in a half-hour outing Saturday. And there is no doubt that any singing group that can include an attractive mother and six of her children surely has something extra going for it - an optimists' answer to the generation gap. There is also no doubt they can sing very well.

I am personally looking forward to more Cowsills shows because now that the first one got the business of family introductions out of the way there ought to be more time for straight-away singing. The Saturday program, obviously setting the groundwork for future shows, spent a good deal of its half hour in these introductory bits, with Buddy The Beverly Hillbillies Ebsen as the catalyst.

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