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Come Where the Youths Are With It: In Films, Music, TV, Fashion
December 28, 1967
The Leader-Herald
Gloversville/Johnstown, New York


LISTENING to the singing group, the Cowsills, rehearse is a fascinating part of following the happenings on the teen scene. Mrs. Cowsill, her four sons and little daughter, started just for larks with a club in Newport, R.I., now are tearing around the country, knocking their audiences in the aisles.

Keeping watch over the teen scene is such a stimulating activity that it can hardly be termed work.

Take a recent week as an example, and allow some name-and-place dropping, please. That's part of the fun.

The scene is the Edwardian Room at the Plaza, the menu, veal kidneys and English muffins, and the subject is teen jewelry. Surprisingly, a poll of high school girls indicates they like small, dainty jewelry. The poll will later become a story.

Across town to track down the Cowsills, that lively, Newport based show featuring Mother, four sons and a little daughter.

The Cowsills are rehearsing in a dingy hall in a poor New York neighborhood, and they're easy to find by the sound.

Others have been attracted by the loud beat. A Catholic priest comes to listen. By request, the din dies down and Mrs. Cowsill sings a quiet song, almost like a spiritual. But this can't last. The group is too irrepressible. Electric guitars are plugged in, the little girl wildly waves her tambourines and, they're on again, playing themselves.

. . .

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