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The Cowsills sing tonight at Coliseum
may 3, 1969
Hattiesburg American
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

The Cowsills; featuring their hit arrangement of Hair, appear here tonight in concert at USM’s Coliseum. The program begins at 6 as a climax at Discover Southern Day.

Open to the public at $3 for adults and $2 for students ($1 for Discover Southern registrants), the concert will feature the popular family singing group in a series of hit numbers heard on nationwide TV and record hits.

The group is described as a mixture that could happen only in America – freckles, laughter, big brown eyes, a “Munster-like mansion” in Newport, R.I., a mini-mommy and a whole lot of talent. This is a Cowsill.

The Cowsill corporation reads as follows: A Bill, Bob, Barry and John Cowsill – compromising the nucleus of the group. Their mini-mommy, Barbara Cowsill, who lends her sweet, clear voice to the boys’ harmony whenever it is needed and wherever they might go. The road managers, Dick and Paul Cowsill, who chose not to enter the performing end of the complex, keep equipment straight and in order throughout their journeys. There is also a Cowsill baby, sweet and cute as can be – Susan Cowsill (who is constantly teased by her all brother family, who, although they’ll never admit it publicly, adore her) and Bud Cowsill, who like any father would be, is stuck with the job of coordinating the conglomeration.

Now long ago before success for the Cowsills, the family came very close to losing everything. They had no money, the phones had been disconnected, there wasn’t any oil for the furnace and it was winter. “Bill and Bob chopped up their dressers to make fire wood and everybody huddled together around the fireplace” recalls Mrs. Cowsill.

Their mortgage was almost foreclosed and they and the house they loved were about to be separated. Desperately in need of financial help, the family came to New York.

Luck, or maybe fate, introduced them to Artie Kornfeld. Artie is a producer and writer. He knew what to do with the Cowsills – introduce them to Lenny Stogel, probably the only talent manager in America who was ready for them. The rapport between Leonard Stogel Associates and the Cowsills came to be considered one of the hottest properties in the entire industry.

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