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That's Show Biz
September 10, 1969
Hartford Courant
Hartford, Connecticut

Whoís Telling the Truth?

And in the Who Are You Going to Believe Department: the Cowsills business advisors advised me their young charges would be growing their hair longer, to have more appeal to teenyboppers who dug the hippie look. I advised my readers around the country of such.

The results? My, what a reaction! Philadelphia, where Thatís Showbiz appears in the Bulletin, a woman threatened that Cowsills fans would storm that newspaper office. Cowsill boosters, she made it clear, like the boys just the way they are now. Besides, said she, she had spoken to the fellows during their personal appearance in that city, and they assured her they had no intention of going the long-haired route.

It will be interesting to see who wins this battle-of-the-bob dispute when the boys get back together again with the advisers who are in charge of guiding their careers.

At least itís a switch. Usually itís the younger generation screaming for long-haired freedom, and the Establishment age group demanding that locks be shorn.

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