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Barbara Beyer Receives Gifts From Cowsills
May 20, 1969
Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Barbara Beyer, 15 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Beyer of 2213 Ninth Pl., Two Rivers, has been named the grand prize winner in a national contest, “Party of Presents,” sponsored by the musical Cowsills in the 16-er magazine.

One winner was selected from 7,000,000 teenage readers of the magazine.

Miss Beyer, a Washington High School, Two Rivers, sophomore, has received a present from each of the Cowsill family: a stuffed tiger from Susie; a polaroid camera from Johnny; a handwritten letter from Barry; peacock feathers from Pau; a Spanish flamenco dancer’s hat from Bob; a portable record player-radio combination and a complete set of Cowsill recordings from Karen and Bill; and a tambourine from mini-mom.

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