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Cowsills To Make Appearance At Fair
July 25, 1968
Irving Daily News
Irving, Texas


A sock-it-to-me start for the 1968 State Fair of Texas is assured by the coming of the Cowsills – six singing, swinging brothers, a sister, a mother and a father.

It’s fitting that the nation’s foremost musical family of the moment will be in Dallas to help the world’s biggest state fair launch its Oct. 5-20 Salute to America ’68. The Cowsills will present two free performances daily Oct. 5-9, at 5:30 and 8 p.m. on the outdoor Mobil State.

And judging by the record – or the records – so far, the big fair grounds will be hard pressed to hold the crowds. The Cowsills offer a distinctive mixture of family wholesomeness with songs which range from “hard rock” and “hot soul” through country and Western to folk music. They have won their following with hits like “The Rain, the Park and Other Things,” “We Can Fly” and their newest, “Indian Lake,” now a top-10 seller.

The singing Cowsills number seven: mother Barbara; Bill, 20; Bob, 18; Paul, 16; Barry, 13; John, 12, and Susie, 9. Father Bud, an ex-Navy man, is general manager; Dick, Bob’s twin, is road manager; Bill and Bob collaborate both as song writers and as producers. Most members of the clan play instruments too.

They’ve become international recording and concert favorites, frequent guests on top-rated television shows, even prospective movie and TV-series stars. And they’re a long way from the days when they fought off mortgage foreclosure on their old 22-room house in Newport, R.I. – and chopped up furniture for firewood.

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