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It's A Young World
December 3, 1967
The Evening Star
Washington, D. C.


THE COWSILLS: Swinging musical family with a new recording hit. The children range in age from 8 to 19

NEW GROUP: Q. Could you give us the low-down on tht new family singing group, The Cowsills? – M. N. Birmingham

A. There are an awful lot of Cowsills: four sing all the time, one sings some of the time, and four others don’t sing at all. It goes like this – there’s Father, Bud Cowsill, a retired Navy man who manages everything; Mother is Barbara, 39, who wears mini skirts and sings if they need her voice for harmony. Then comes the quartet – Bill, 19; Bob, 18; Barry, 13; and John, 11. In addition, there are the road managers, Dick and Paul, and last but not least, the Cowsill baby and only daughter, little Susan. Who also gets in the act. Home is a crazy dilapidated mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. But things are sure to improve now that their first single, “The Rain, The Park, & Other Things,” is way up on the charts.

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