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'Lightning'strikes twice
May 29, 1979
Chicago Tribune
Chicago, Illinois

Los Angeles – One of the victims of Friday’s American Airlines jet crash was Leonard Stogel, a Malibu rock music promoter whose parents were killed in the crash of a plane of the same airline, bound for the same city, 17 years earlier.

Stogel managed such groups as the Cowsills and Sam the Sham. He was listed among the passengers killed in the crash of a Los Angeles-bound DC-10 as it took off from Chicago.

His parents met a similar death 17 years ago when an American Airlines plane went down on a flight from New York City to Los Angeles. Ninety-five persons were killed in that crash.

Both crashes were the worst ever in United States history at the time thy occurred.

“It’s unbelieveable - lightning has struck twice,” said Stogel’s brother Stanley.

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