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The Appealing Cowsills
August 1, 1969
Moline Dispatch
Moline, Illinois

The Cowsills In Concert, MGM Records

The fifth album on the MGM label of the amazing Cowsill family is outstanding and should appeal to more than just the teeny bopper of the family.

The feature song is “Hair” from the Broadway musical of the same name. The Cowsills sing a delightful version of the song, featuring the gentle voice of the young baritone in the beginning and working into a great hard rock sound by the end. Especially effective is the unaccompanied chorus at the end.

Several older tunes are renovated resulting in a “now” sound.

The Peter, Paul and Mary classic, “The Cruel War” is sung with warmth and doice expression by Mother Cowsill, accompanied by the legato sound of an organ. “Monday, Monday,” a Mamas and Papas’ favorite is sung with zest and propelled by a driving beat in the bass.

“Walk Away Renee” is sung in beautiful harmony by the boys. It is the most musical selection on the record subtly blending the rhythmic bass line with the smooth melody and harmony.

An unusual sound is created in “Please Mr. Postman” by clipping the words of the chorus to give an extremely staccato effect.

The youngest member of the group, and the only girl, Susan, has the lead in “Hello, Hello,” a Beatle song. Her voice is surprisingly developed for one so young and is quaint and haunting in this song. She is backed by the barbershop quartet sound of her family.

Other selections on the record include: “Good Vibrations” “Act Naturally,” “The Sunshine of Your Love,” and “Good Golly Miss Molly.”

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