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Mrs. Cowsill
June 17, 1969
Minneapolis Journal
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Mrs. Cowsill, second from right, and family

"I was a Navy wife and housewife for 20 years - a singer for one."

Barbara Cowsill laughed, then told how her six sons and 10-year-old daughter are all natural musicians who pick up a melody by ear and can play a variety of instruments.

She is the mother of the famous Cowsill family of folk-rock singers who arrived Monday from Kansas City, Mo., to perform with the Minnesota Orchestra tonight in its second Summer Pops Jubilee concert at the Minnesota Auditorium

In the year since Mrs. Cowsill joined her musical children, the Cowsills have grown into a giant as a family of entertainers. They rank as one of the top three pop groups in the country - "or maybe two two," said Mrs. Cowsill.

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