Newspaper Articles

The Bob Hope Format
September 8, 1968
Arizona Republic
Phoenix, Arizona

In "Operation: Entertainment" ABC is putting a new twist on the old variety show. Each Friday a differnt star host will bring a troupe of entertainers to a military training camp for the benefit of the servicemen. Probably inspired by the popularity of Bob Hope's travels "Operation: Entertainment" will hope to win favor by keeping the views in touch with the boys in the service. The climax of each show will be the appearance of a "mystery guest" -- actually a surprise reunion on camera between one of the servicemen and his wife, sweetheart or relative. Among the star hosts are Tim Conway, Jimmy Dean, Dale Robertson, Dean Jones and Ed Ames. Guest stars include Louis Armstrong, Jack Carter, Kaye Stevens, The Cowsills, Florence Henderson, Della Reese, the Lennon Sisters, Allen and Rossi and Irwin Corey.

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