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Pegg's Ice Show Was Refreshing to Watch
by Cynthia Lowry
November 25, 1968
Chillicothe, Missouri

. . .

NBC also presented a pair of specials Saturday night.

. . .

A singing family named Cowsill - six kids and their mother were the stars of the second special. The show was crowded into 30 minutes, and that isn't long enough to get into and out of a variety show. The program apparently designed as a pilot program for a series, tried to project a warm family image, some mild comedy, do a lot of singing and leave time for a guest star, Buddy Ebsen.

The family seemed at ease and was most effective when doing musical numbers. They got into difficulty when they were engaged in stilted and obviously memorized dialogue. Ebsen did a soft-shoe routine with the youngest Cowsill, Susan, 9.

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