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November 23, 1968
The Transcript
North Adams, Massachusetts

8:30 - 9 (NBC) - Someone at NBC made the decision to give The Cowsills their own special and also decided that A Family Thing should be only a half-hour. He should be congratulated. This is a packed 30-minutes; leaving one with a good feeling, unlike many of the hour specials that were quite thin around the 45-minute mark. The Beverly Hillbillies' Buddy Ebsen hosts the show and does a little song-and-dance routine of his own. The setting is the home of the Cowsills with Mother Barbara and father-founder Bud being introduced along with their six singing offspring. A highlight is Buddy's number, done with 9-year-old Susan to "That Old Soft Shoe." There is one missing Cowsill, 20-year-old Dick serving in the Army. 8:30-9 (NBC)

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