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Record Rack
by J. R. Reid
October 14, 1967
Union Sun and Journal
Lockport, New York

Perhaps the fastest rising group on the music and entertainment scene today, since The Monkees, is The Cowsills. The family, who will soon be seen on a television series, have their debut MGM Record album hot on the heels of their first single release "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things."

The Cowsills not only include the hit 45, but features Mama Cowsill (who can sing like Peggy Lee or Jefferson Airplane) plus four of the Cowsill sons performing a great package of fresh material designed to appeal to all ages of music lovers. This talented crew is sure ot lead the single and album sales in the many months to come.

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J.R.'s Pick Album
"The Cowsills" on MGM

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