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Susie Cowsill, 10, Rolls 'em With Rocks
by Phyllis Jones - Staff Writer
June 15, 1969
The Wichita Eagle
Wichita, Kansas

Every musician wants to make an audience jump to its feet in appreciation, but not everyone can win this reaction. Ten-year old Susie Cowsill, however, does it with the ease of a professional.

Leaping off the stage and singing in the aisles, Susie soon had a large portion of the crowd at a Century II concert standing, watching her. The surprising turnout of preteen youngsters at this rock concert thus was quickly understood.

THE COWSILLS, a family group, along with Sweetwater, a Los Angeles classical, jazz and rock group, performed before approximately 1,000 persons in the Convention Hall Friday night.

Sweetwater, an integrated group of six men and a female vocalist, started the evening with a jazzy rendition of a Negro spiritual, adding a psychedelic touch. A solo part by Pete Cobian on the congos added a hint of bossanova blues.

The band formed two years ago, has been on the road four months straight. Other members are August Burnsal on the cello, Alan Malaravite, drums, and Fred Herrerd, bass.

. . .

The reception was three, however, and it carried over to the beat of Susie Cowsill.

The Cowsills, with members of different ages, has a wide range of appeal. The boys are popular with teen-agers, and Mrs. Cowsill has her middle-aged fans. And everyone seems to be tuned in with Susie.

Mrs. Cowsill did not sing more than a few numbers, however, explaining that she had been ill.

THE COWSILLS left Los Angeles may 29 for a 70-day tour.

Originally formed five years ago by the four boys – Bob, 19, guitar; Paul, 17, organ: Barry, 14, bass, and John, 13, drums – the group added Susie and Mrs. Cowsill about a year and a half ago.

“We wouldn’t fight them so we joined them,” Mrs. Cowsill said. “No – really, they invited us.”

“I love it,” she admitted. “It’s quite a change after 20 years as a housewife and mother.”

The conversation was interrupted by Susie who announced it was time to do a number.

Pulling her mother toward the stage, the bouncy young vocalist, who her mother says “never meets a stranger,” is exactly what a band member of the Sweetwater described her – “An out-of-sight chick.”

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