Newspaper Articles

October 26, 1967
St. Clair Chronicle
St. Clair, Missouri

Mrs. Cora Thoming has received a post card reminder that the Bob Cowsill family, consisting of husband, wife, six sons and teenaged daughter, will appear Oct. 29 at 7:00 p.m. on the Channel 4 television show headed by Ed Sullivan. The Cowsills’ publicity man is missing no tricks. Mrs. Thoming struck up an acquaintance with the Cowsills when that family followed St. Clair women in heirloom togs recently on the Charlotte Peters show to publicize the 14th annual St. Clair Folk Festival. The Cowsills’ p.r. saw to it that Mrs. T. received an album of music and she is on their mailing list. Under contract with MGM to make album records, the Cowsills tour the circuit in a bus, sleep in motels, eat in restaurants and carry their own musical instruments and stage equipment with a teacher for younger children and their field manager.

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