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On the Pop Side Cowsill Family Sings and Swings
by George Forsythe
October 29, 1967
Boston Herald
Boston, Massachusetts

Cowsills is the name and singing is their game, this family that plays together and stays together.

They have appeared, seemingly, from nowhere and now are moving well up in the list of pop groups. There are four brothers, ranging in age from 11 to 19, and their mother, a tiny, min-skirted attractive girl named Barbara.

Their first album has been released by MGM and is called simply, “The Cowsills,” and that in itself is enough. They have a simple, clear sound that is distinctly their own and they sing so the words can be understood.

An additionally pleasant thing about this group, which looks like it enjoys being with each other as much as it does the audience, is that they have taken the trouble to learn their instruments. You are not four-chorded to death by the guitar or deafened by the organ.

They write most of their own music and one of them, “The Rain, The Park And Other Things,” their first single, is included in the album.

The voices are soft and the lyrics are sensible and, from all indications, the Cowsills are on the first step of a long and pleasant trip. They played in Boston a few months ago on the initial stages of a nation-wide trip and people of all ages applauded them.

The Cowsills are not the teeny-boppers or the freak-outs – but both of these groups could enjoy them. Some of the other selections are “That’s My Time of Day,” “I’m The One You Need,” “Thinking About The Other Side,” “Pennies” and “Trouble Roses.”

They’re good to hear, but they’re even better to see.

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