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Stadium Bases Are Loaded With Go-Go Girls
Spirited Dancing in the Aisles Forces Temporary Halt of Rock 'n' Roll Show
By Jonathan Randal
June 11,1966
New York Times
New York, New York

Yankee Stadium, which usually rings to the shouts of baseball fans, last night shook, rattled and rolled to the din of big-sound bands and squealing teenagers.

The evening's entertainment organized by three young producers all less than 27 years of age and called "Soundblast '66," got underway under the lights one and a half hours later. Just before 9 o'clock 66 teenaged girls, called the Go-Go Girls rode out of the right-field bullpen on bicycles.

Finalists of the dance competition that began in Central Park on April 23 and eventually weeded out 6,000 contestants, the girls rode around the park while a band installed on second base began playing.

The girls dismounted and spread out along the baselines from first to third and performed a new dance called "The Bike," invented by a Jamaican-born musician named Sir Lon dc Leon.

Sir Leon said he had shown the dance to Princess Grace of Monaco and President Kennedy, "who was interested in using the bike in his physical-fitness program."

Other Go-Go Girls acting as cheerleaders shook colored pom-poms as well as themselves.

Somewhat lost in the nearly 70,000-seat stadium, the 9,000 fans made up in enthusiasm what they lacked in numbers.

Far more than a half hour, the Isidore Duncans of frugdom showed off to best advantage their boots, hip-hugging bell-bottom pants, and op art pantsuits. In the stands teen-agers danced the frug, monkey, watusi, jerk, dog and pony in the aisles.

At one point the 80 city and 30 private policemen on duty stopped the action and sent the Go-Go Girls off the field.

Miss Soundblast '66, a blonde 16-year-old from Massapequa, L.I. named Sherry Se-Bor, complained: "We wanted to dance more, more, more," she said, shaking her long hair and putting on a Brigitte Bardot pout. "It was fantabulous."

Miss Se-Bor, who also studies ballet, was allowed to return to the field briefly with her Go-Go Girls when police relented.

The scheduled entertainment included: Ray Charles, the Cowsills, the McCoys, the Marvelettes, The Byrds, Jerry Butler, the Beach Boys and Little Stevie Wonder.

The unscheduled entertainment included exploding firecrackers; a girl who jumped the fence to hear the Beach Boys from closer range, but was headed off beyond first base and ejected; and a professional dancer, Mary Lekakis, 19 years old, who succeeded in performing a number before being stopped.

Coverage of the event was assured by the usual New York reports, teen-ager correspondents from teen-age magazines and a Tass photographer, who objected, "too much noise."

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