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Music World
June 12, 1969
Streator Times Press
Streator, Illinois

Can learning to play an instrument actually get you any place?

Just ask the Cowsills. However, you may have to wait a while. They are going to Italy to represent the United states at the San Remo Festival of music.

The Cowsill family is serious about their music success is ample proof of this. But they do have fun. They especially like a live audience. They get a real kick out of watching people dance to their music. And they donít mind listening to the applause either.

Learning to play an instrument should be taken seriously. But it can be a world of fun. As the Cowsills have found music can be rewarding. In more ways than one.

You may not make it to the San Remo Festival, but who knows what else it may lead to?

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