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Specials For The Family
November 23, 1968
St. Petersburg Times
St. Petersburg, Florida


Barbara Cowsill And Part Of Her Family

Someone at NBC made the decision to give The Cowsills their own special and also decided that A FAMILY THING should be only a half-hour. He should be congratulated. This is a packed 30-minutes, leaving one with a good feeling, unlike many of the hour specials that wear quite thin around the 45-minute mark. The Beverly Hillbillies' Buddy Ebsen hosts the show and does a little song-and-dance routine of his own. The setting is the home of the Cowsills with Mother Barbara and father-founder Bud being introduced along with their six singing offspring. A highlight is Buddy's number, done with 9-year-old Susan to,"That Old Soft Shoe.'' There is one missing Cowsill, 20-year-old Dick, serving in the Army.

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