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Sun Skips Opening of Fair
October 6, 1968
Morning News
Dallas, Texas

The sun didn't shine for the opening of the 1968 State Fair of Texas Saturday.

. . .

As the fair goers romped through the fairgrounds Saturday afternoon, the Fourth U.S. Army Band presented an outdoor concert, the Rural Youths picnicked, courtesy of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce and Susan Beardsley finally to see The Cowsills (a pop music group).

Susan was to move with her family Sunday to Chicago. She made special plans to see the Cowsills at the fair Saturday because they are her favorite musical group.

“But the family decided to leave Saturday, I said, ‘Not before I see the Cowsills.’ They packed the car and brought us all fair tickets. (she has two little brothers) After the Cowsills’ first performance, we all leave for Chicago.”

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